I’m on Twitter, and Links Regarding NPR Ombudsman’s Report

Against my better judgment, I opened a Twitter account today.  You can follow me at @KyleDKrause.  Chances are that virtually everything I tweet in the near future will be related to the report done by the NPR Ombudsman regarding the Native Foster Care series.

NPR Ombudsman Edward Schumacher-Matos, appeared on-air today on All Things Considered to discuss his report.  I missed the segment, but the audio should be available later this evening.

[Edit]:  Below are links to the relevant NPR sites.  (Note the new Ombudsman piece from August 14)

Below I will post some links to other stories discussing the topic, and may add to the list from time to time.

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**This document by Richard Wexler is the first decent response I have seen to the Ombudsman’s report, in that it actually attempts to counter some points and does not just complain about how long it is (like Kelly McBride).  I disagree with a number of the critiques in the response.  For example, his claim that the stories “neither say nor imply” that South Dakota social workers are taking Indian children from their families because they are motivated by federal money is clearly false.  If they did not imply such a thing, then one has to wonder how literally thousands of people got that impression.  BUT, the response also makes a significant number of interesting and often valid points that can serve to inform future discussion of this issue.  For example, his discussion of the impact of federal funding for foster care mirrors my statements near the end of my very first post on this topic, and his discussion of confidentiality laws parallels what I wrote here.