Indian Foster Care Summit Information

In my previous post, I linked to an Associated Press article that said a long-awaited summit on Indian foster care had been scheduled for April 15 through 17 in Rapid City.  As that date loomed closer and no additional details emerged, I decided to try to obtain them.  I talked to an official at the BIA, and learned the following:

  1. The AP report indicating that the summit would be April 15-17 was incorrect.  That was one of several prospective dates that had been discussed when trying to plan the event, but it was never finalized.
  2. The summit has been scheduled for May 15-17 at the Ramkota hotel in Rapid City.
  3. The exact agenda for the summit is still pending approval.  The summit will be open to members of the public.
  4. It is unknown at this time whether the South Dakota Department of Social Services will participate.  They have been invited, but have been reluctant to commit to participating.

If I receive a public agenda for the event, I plan to post it.  I am also planning to try to attend at least part of the summit.  I also believe it would be a mistake for DSS to not participate in the event.  The State does not have any legitimate interest in secrecy.