Adoption is a process that creates a legal parent-child relationship.  It is usually a happy event for the child and adoptive parents.  There are a variety of scenarios in which adoption can occur.

Sometimes a new parent does not feel prepared to care for a child and will voluntarily give their child up for adoption in the hopes of giving the child a better life.  An adoption agency will usually act as an intermediary in these cases.  There are a number of statutory protections for the biological parents, including a requirement to attend counseling before relinquishing their parental rights.

In other circumstances, foster parents or family members may wish to adopt a child they have been caring for after the death of the child’s biological parents or a court termination of their rights.  There is often financial assistance available to assist with the cost of the adoption in these situations.

Additionally, a stepparent may wish to adopt a stepchild.  This usually occurs when the other biological parent has abandoned the child, or wishes to give up his or her parental rights.

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