Additional Mediation Information

The following links provide additional information related to mediation.   These links are provided for informational purposes only and do not constitute an endorsement of the linked website.

SDCL § 19-13A
This South Dakota Codified Laws section addresses the evidentiary privilege for mediation communications.

SDCL § 25-4
This South Dakota Codified Laws section deals with divorce. SDCL § 25-4-56 through SDCL § 25-4-62 address family court related mediation.

South Dakota Bar Association Information
This pamphlet produced by the South Dakota Bar Association provides some information about mediating disputes regarding children.

Divorceinfo Compilation of Mediation Research
This website provides a summary of some of the research regarding mediation, and includes good references to the sources cited.

Dr. Emery’s Mediation Study
Dr. Emery conducted a longitudinal scientific study with random assignment in which mediation produced significant and long-term positive outcomes in custody cases.

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