What is my Attorney’s Role

Unlike an impartial mediator, your attorney is there to look after your interests. It is recommended that you have your own attorney. Your attorney can provide some of the following services related to mediation:

  • Your attorney can answer specific legal questions you have and provide legal advice.
  • Your attorney can help you to find a mediator.
  • Your attorney can help you evaluate your case before attending mediation so that you are better prepared.
  • In some circumstances, your attorney may attend mediation sessions with you.
  • After a tentative agreement is reached through mediation, your attorney should review it before you sign it. This will help to ensure that you are aware of the legal consequences of the agreement and that your legal rights are protected.
  • Your attorney may draft a formal written document that reflects the agreement reached during mediation.
  • Your attorney can assist you in giving legal effect to your agreement, such as by getting a judge to approve the agreement in a court order.
  • Your attorney can assist with the legal process for getting a divorce or establishing paternity, custody, and child support. These legal processes are usually necessary even with mediation (although they are a lot easier if there is a mediated agreement).

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