Wills, Living Wills, and Durable Powers of Attorney

These are important documents that everyone should strongly consider having long before they are expected to be necessary. Avoiding end-of-life issues now can result in substantial future hardship for loved ones who have to deal with those issues without adequate guidance during an already stressful time.

A will not only directs how property is to be distributed, but can also provide for the care of minor child.  All parents should consider having a will.  There are specific legal requirements for a will to be valid, which makes the assistance of an attorney especially important.

A power of attorney is a document that gives another individual the authority to do something on another’s behalf.  A power of attorney is “durable” if it remains effective after a person loses capacity.  Durable powers of attorney are used to allow others to make medical and financial decisions once someone becomes unable to make those decisions for themselves.

A living will is a document that instructs your physician as to what kind of medical treatment you wish to receive if you have a terminal condition.

Effective end-of-life planning can make things easier for your loved ones, ensure that your estate is distributed according to your wishes, help provide for your children’s care, and ensure that your wishes regarding medical treatment are carried out.

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